Strikeouts For Troops: Testimonials

Strikeouts For Troops is dedicated to being a positive resource to our injured troops and their families. The organization makes financial grants to help support 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizations that are committed to aiding and assisting our troops to ensure they have the comforts of home while going through recovery and recuperation. The heart of Strikeouts For Troops is helping to facilitate care and attention for our injured service members and support military families.

God Bless EVERYONE who helps, acknowledges and supports our troops. I’d like to see every team in MLB support this program!


— W Finch (Owings Mills, MD)

I have a son in the 3rd Battalion 7th Marines. He was wounded last year in a battle in Rahmadi. His lieutenant and his vehicle commander were killed. Although my son is doing well, he was hit in he shoulder with 5 pieces of shrapnel, yesterday, I read an article in Newsweek about the standard of care that our wounded soldiers are receiving and a cold chill ran down my back. What concerns me is he goes back in April – the same city and now he is the vehicle commander. With my many concerns of what may happen to him while he is there, I am also concerned what may happen when he gets back.

It is truly reassuring that there are private citizens that have taken their time and finances to help those families in need and I for one am truly grateful for your example. Hopefully, our government can be inspired to do the same.

Thank you

— David Mince, Proud father of Lance Cpl. Cory D. Mince

I am a 21-year-old military wife, with two very young children. My husband, 23, has served in the Middle East during this war, as well as Tsunami Relief and countless other missions in his almost six short years of service. Though he has never been admitted to any hospital for wounds sustained during his service, he has, unfortunately, been hit in the chest with enemy fire, I thank God everyday for that Kevlar vest.

My older brother grew up adoring the A’s. I’ve always been a Yankees girl myself, which is how I found out about this organization. When Alex Rodriguez signed on, I saw the press release and had to find out more. This is a wonderful thing you are doing, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have many friends who have either not returned from “The Sandbox,” as we military wives refer to it, or have returned seriously injured. A lot of people don’t really understand what’s going on in a war zone, but unfortunately, I do.

To Barry Zito and all the players participating in Strikeouts For Troops – you will always hold a special place in my life.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing.

— Megan

My Name is SGT Scott Platts and I am stationed at Ft Hood, Texas. I am an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran. I would like to thank Barry Zito and the rest of the Major League Baseball players that are participating in the Strikeouts For Troops campaign. It is great to see that there are professional athletes out there that appreciate what we do. I have a 17.5 years combined military service and this is by far the greatest support I have seen from any of the professional sports athletes. I will forever be grateful for the support they show to us service members and their families and especially my wounded comrades.

We all appreciate what you are doing.

Thank you.

— SGT Scott Platts

A month ago I wrote you a letter asking for help financially. Today I am writing again to thank all the people who are involved in the organization. Having my husband in ICU for the past four months has been very hard on myself and my kids and just getting by day by day was tough. Receiving the grant helped me to pay for my overdue bills.

Thank you so much and my God Bless you all.


— Chief Dulay and Joan

The Strikeouts For Troops event was such a great night! Thank you for working so hard to make it so special! It will help so many soldiers and their families in desperate need of knowing someone cares about them.

I had a wonderful time! I hope that sharing my experience of being injured and my journey to recovery with the people there helped them to understand how important Strikeouts For Troops is.


— Stephanie

I can’t tell you how IMPRESSED we were with the event last night!!!
Wonderful venue, so organized, fantastic entertainment, and it wasn’t horribly crowded so it was very pleasant! We ended up just hanging out by the stage ’cause it was more fun, but I loved having the option of going upstairs to eat.

We bought a bunch of raffle tickets and t-shirts and a Rachel CD ….
We made a donation so this way it will ALL go to the troops fund!


Go Barry!

— Carrie

Although I was indirectly affected by your foundation I really appreciate everything you guys are doing. I’m a 24 year old disabled combat veteran who sees the value of your support as I struggled through the healing process with inadequate support. I got out of the Army last year and started pitching for Santa Rosa Junior College, without the help and support of others I would have struggled getting my life back on track and I appreciate and thank your organization for helping my brothers in arms.


— Jason Gustavson

I am writing to thank Barry Zito and all of the members of Strikeouts For Troops for helping me with a very generous gift to my family and me. The grant couldn’t have come at a better time to ease some of our financial burdens. It took a hue load off my wife’s shoulders, which allowed her to be a mother to our three children.

I always check now to see how the Strikeouts For Troops players are doing because I know how much it means to all the troops and their families.

Keep up the good work and than you for everything you do for the troops and their families.

— SPC James Johnson (US ARMY)

My name is Private First Class Adam Sampson. I am one of the wounded soldiers you meet with in Scottsdale, Arizona during the spring training game.. I hand wrote a thank you note and sent it to the giants care of you, I figured you must get a lot of mail and don’t have much time during the baseball season.

I would like to extend my gratitude to you and your foundation Strikeouts For Troops. I can tell you first hand you made a lot of those guys days that were there, especially mine. I have always been a huge sports fan and wanted to go to college to play baseball but joined the Army instead. And to just step out on to the field was a life altering experience. You made a dream of mine come true that day. I just wanted to thank you Sir.

Thanks again,

— Adam Sampson

The Marines absolutely had a blast these past 3 days at spring training. The corpsman told me that it was like group therapy for the Marines. He saw them smiling, laughing, bonding and most importantly being told that people cared about them.

Barry, Jake and the other players should be proud of what they did for these Marines. Sitting around a hospital getting physical therapy for months on end gives Marines a lot time to think. In fact, one of the Marines was in such a difficult state that he couldn’t leave his room or talk. Friday night was the first time he has spoken since returning from Iraq after three different tours of duty.

For the months of rehab ahead, these Marines will be thinking about how on one Friday night in March, numerous Major League Baseball players thought enough about them to take time away from their friends and family to be with them. It was a special night that will not be forgotten by these Marines.

— Richard Williams (Wounded Marine Foundation, San Diego)

I would like to say thank you for all your efforts in assisting veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict. I came upon this organization via Internet. 2004 and the US Military All Stars in 2006. Barry was a part of the JAG episode where we were used as extras.

It appeals to me because I am a baseball player as well as Barry Zito. I was a Sgt. in the US Marine Corps and played on the All Marine Baseball team in

I would just like to thank yourself and Barry for the wonderful gifts you provide for us veterans. I am now a college student studying chemistry and will be playing baseball in the spring. Once again, thank you!

— Tyler Maxon

My name is Kris, wife of an active duty army officer…and crazed baseball fan. Thanks so much for even thinking of us. It makes me mad to see that Cameron’s Diaz’s scuffle with a photographer or some movie stars rehab make bigger headlines than what any soldier is going through. It is American though…so thanks for keeping everything in perspective and remembering those who sacrifice so people like all of you can live the American Dream.

— Kris Angerthal

My name is SSgt. Christopher Hill. We met during the spring training trip Mr. Zito sponsored for the Marines in Arizona. I am the rather large Marine with the cane that you so kindly looked after due to my problem with crowds. It has taken me a while to contact you but I just wanted to let you know that it was a very special thing you people did for me that to this days is burned into my heart.

After five career combat tours and 20 yrs as a United States Marine I can assure you that I have seen some very ugly things in my life; however, when you meet people such as yourself and Barry who genuinely care for those who stand a post every day in defense of this nation its like watching a single rose growing in the middle of a battle field. So to you Ms. Kathy Jacobson and Mr. Barry Zito, I say from the bottom of my heart “Thank You for being there for me”.

If you could Ms. Kathy, tell Barry to keep his head up. Because of his him, I have reignited my passion for baseball and the will to live.

Tell him Thank You for me and tell him that the United States Marines has his back.

— SSgt. Christopher Hill (USMC)

I just found out the program that Mr. Zito founded. I have to say a very large “THANK YOU” is in order to all of those who are involved with this project. As a veteran, and the cousin of an active duty doctor in the Navy, who is also a veteran of Iraqi Freedom, this means a lot to me. I showed my one son the web site (he’s a fan of Mr. Zito) and he thought that it is great also. Keep up the good work and thank you again for this fine organization that helps our wounded heroes.

— Russ Hoffman (USAF Veteran / Desert Storm)

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